Fruits n Honey Salad

Fruits n Honey Salad



Bite into goodness!
Generally, you can taste this salad in Indian weddings. I believe a perfect salad should have an aesthetic blend of colours. So here goes the recipe for this nutritious fruit blend salad…

Apple – 1/2 no.

Mango – 1/4 no.

Banana – 1no.

Pomegranate (Madhulai) – 1/2 no.

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Cardamom Powder (Elakka) – a pinch

Honey – 5 tbsps.


Though the recipe calls for pomegranate seeds and mango, I have not used them as I do not get it in my place often. So, I used blackberry and orange. You can use any fruit you like and follow this recipe.


1. Peel the fruits’ skin and cut them into small pieces. Take out the seeds from the pomegranate fruit.

In a large mixing bowl, add cardamom powder, sugar, and honey followed by the cut fruits and pomegranate seeds.


Fruits n Honey Salad Fruits n Honey Salad

Mix the fruits well with honey, sugar and cardamom powder and serve.

Fruits n Honey Salad

Now, the Fruits n Honey Salad is ready!

Fruits n Honey Salad



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