Egg Paniyaram

Soft Egg Paniyaram

Egg Paniyaram

A delicious and soft evening snack!
When I was watching Chef Jacob’s show, he was describing how to make Egg Paniyaram. Immediately, lot of questions popped into my mind. What paniyaram with eggs? Would the smell of eggs be strong? Egg Paniyaram with just coriander leaves? how is it possible? I knew Chef Jacob can never go wrong! Still, I wanted to try it out. I had eggs and sufficient coriander leaves. What more do I need?
It just took me very few minutes. Voila…Egg Paniyaram is ready!!!
My heaven!!! It was too soft and kind of spongy. It tasted yummy. You can never have enough of them. It was yummy because of the right blend of eggs and coriander leaves. I make Egg Paniyaram often at home, and my family likes it.

Eggs – 2

Dosa batter – 1 cup

Chopped coriander leaves – as desired

Salt – as desired

Oil – as desired


1. Beat eggs well. Add chopped coriander leaves to the eggs.

2. Add the egg mixture to the dosa batter and put salt. Mix well.

3.  In the paniyaram pan, heat oil. Oil should fill half of each slot in the paniyaram pan. Now, pour the dosa batter to each of the slots in the pan. Let it boil for 2 minutes. Turn them over.

Now, Egg Paniyaram is ready!!!

Sidedish: Tomato Ketchup, Hotel Style Coconut ChutneyTil Chutney

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