Brinjal Sambal | Sambal Eggplant | Sambal Terong

Brinjal Sambal
Sambal is a perfect and spicy Indonesian dish that goes well with Rice. You can make Sambal with a lot of vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Some of them are Brinjal, Small Potato, Cucumber, Pineapple etc. My maternal grandmother makes Fish Sambal so well. The dish is usually made using red chillies, garlic and small onions. If you want the Sambal to be less spicy, add less red chillies. Gj is not a lover of spicy foods, so I made this Sambal using less red chillies. You can have a teaspoon of this Brinjal Sambal with a cup of boiled rice. You will find it less spicy. It is definitely a dish that is worth trying but not recommended for kids. Spice lovers, you are going to love this recipe!

Preparation Time. 10 minutes
Cook Time. 20 minutes
Recipe Category. Side dish
Recipe Cuisine. Indonesia
Serves. 4


Brinjal – 5 nos.
Small onion/shallots – 10 nos.
Garlic – 2 nos.
Red chillies – 10 nos.
Oil – 3 tablespoon + for deep fry
Salt – as desired

Note. The ingredients shown will vary with the original quantity.


1. Soak red chillies in water for about 10 minutes. Grind red chillies, small onions, and garlic cloves to a fine paste.

2. Again add a tablespoon of oil and then grind again. The paste would be smooth. Now heat oil to deep fry the brinjal pieces.

3. Cut the brinjals vertically into thin slices. Now deep fry the brinjal pieces until they are almost cooked. If you are planning to deep fry the brinjal pieces later, then soak them in water. Also wipe them in a tissue paper before deep frying them.

4. Keep the deep fried brinjal in a plate. In a wide-bottomed pan, heat 2 tablespoon of oil and add the ground paste. Add salt and little water. Cook until the raw smell disappears.

5. Add the fried brinjal pieces and stir well.

Now, Brinjal Sambal is ready!

Goes well with boiled rice, Chappathi, Methi Chappathi, Spiced Puris , Oats Curd Rice


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