Cake Baking Problems & Causes

Problems & Causes


External Cake Appearance



Cake sinks in the center – over mixed batter
– too much fat and/or sugar or leavening
– not enough liquid or excess amount of liquid in the batter
– too low oven temperature- use of small pans
– opening the oven door during first 20 minutes or moving the pan during baking
– too short baking time
– use of old baking powder, etc.
Cake did not rise/Cake is small – improper mixing or oven mixed batter
– butter and eggs wrong temperature (may be too cold)
– too much or too little liquid
– too little baking powder or baking powder is too old
– oven temperature too high
– wrong pan size or oversized pan
– baked too long.
Domed/Cracked Surface/Tunnels/Large air bubbles in cake – batter over mixed
– wrong type of flour or too much
– too little baking powder/soda or sugar
– oven temperature too hot
Top Crust Is Too Dark or Hard/Cake top layer burnt – over baked
– wrong oven temperature (probably oven too hot)
– too much sugar, baking powder/baking soda
– incorrect amount of water
Cake Sticks To the Sides of the Pan – insufficient greasing
– remove the cake from the pan soon after baking
– cake is left with the pan for a longer time
– too much sugar
Cake Falls Apart too much sugar, baking powder/baking soda, liquid
– insufficient flour
– improper mixing (undermixed/overmixed)
– oven temperature too low
– insufficient baking
– opened the oven door during the first 20 minutes of baking
– moved the cake often during baking
Cake peaks or cracks in the center  – oven too hot at the start of baking
– too much flour or inadequate liquid
– improper measurements
– cake not placed on the center rack of the oven
Cake is too dense – insufficient amounts of baking powder
– excess use of eggs
– over mixing of the batter
– baking soda is old
Cake rose unevenly – flour not blended properly
– temperature inside the oven was uneven
– oven temperature too high.
Cake lacks structure – excessive mixing
– insufficient liquid
– batter spread unevenly
– oven rack not level
Batter over-flowed the pans – wrong ingredients measurements (too much liquid, flour etc.)
– wrong size pan used.
– too much of cake batter filled in the pan



Internal Cake Appearance



Irregular/Coarse grain  – oven temperature too low- too much baking powder/baking soda- too little liquid- ingredients are not beaten properly (probably overmixed)
Dense grain  – excessive liquid in the batter- improper mixing procedure
Dry texture – too much baking powder/baking soda

– too little liquid

– ingredients not beaten properly

– high oven temperatures and longer baking times

Uneven color/poor flavor – improper mixing procedure- oven too cool (baked too slowly)- unclean equipment
Nuts sunk to the bottom – big and heavy pieces of fruit- fruits not dusted with flour before adding into the mixture- over beaten/too wet cake mixture- oven temperature too low


Other Tips for a beginner baker:

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