Carrot Halwa Roll | Gajar Halwa Roll

Gajar Halwa Roll


Carrot Halwa and Beetroot Halwa are my favorite recipes when it comes to sweet. I have them with Vanilla Ice Cream.  My mom makes Beetroot Halwa very often. I have seen my friends making a blend of Carrot Halwa and Beetroot Halwa. Carrot and Beetroot Halwa combination also tastes great. Last Friday morning, Gj had a craving for Carrot Halwa. I was surprised…you know why? That’s because he is never fond of sweets. I wanted to surprise him that evening. When I was thinking of trying something different, my friend suggested me this recipe.

I have not heard of Carrot Halwa Roll before. My friend gave me this recipe, and said she found it in “The Hindu Website”. I tried it out and came out well. The recipe had directed me to make thin pancakes but when I made them, it was quite difficult to roll. The pancakes gave up easily. I then made pancake of medium thickness and tried to roll them. It came out easily. It was nice to eat Carrot Halwa this way and filled our stomach well. Next time when I have guests at home, I am going to surprise them by serving Carrot Halwa Roll. So who is going to me by next guest????

Gajar Halwa Roll

Preparation Time. 15 minutes
Cook Time. 35 minutes
Serves. 3 persons
Recipe Cuisine. Indian
Recipe Category. Sweets
Recipe Reference. The Hindu


Gajar Halwa Roll


For the Carrot Halwa

Carrots  – 6 medium-sized nos.
Sugar – 1 cup
Milk – 1 cup
Ghee – 4 tablespoons
Cardamom Powder – 1/2 teaspoon
Chopped Cashew Nuts – 10 nos.

For the Carrot Halwa Pancake

Maida – 1 cup
Soda bicarbonate – a pinch
Water – As required
Vanilla essence – A few drops
Egg – 1
Oil – For cooking

Note. The ingredients shown will vary with the original quantity.

Carrot Halwa Preparation

1. Wash the carrots and trim their edges. Scrape the skin for all the carrots. Use the small blade in the grater/mandoline to grate the carrots.

Gajar Halwa Roll

2. In the same pan, add grated carrots and sauté well. Keep stirring continuously until carrots shrink in size, turn pale and smell sweet. The raw smell of carrots should go off completely. If not, your carrot halwa will taste raw.

Gajar Halwa Roll

3. Now add milk (carrots should be submerged in the milk) and let the carrots boil in milk for sometime.

Gajar Halwa Roll

4. When the carrots have boiled and absorbed by the milk well, add sugar. Stir well. The mixture will liquefy and then again start thickening. Boil for some more time until the mixture thickens and leaves Ghee on all sides.

Gajar Halwa Roll

5. Meantime, fry the cashew nuts in a teaspoon of ghee until golden brown. When the mixture becomes like a thick mass, add the fried cashew nuts and stir once for the last time.

Now Carrot Halwa is Ready!

Gajar Halwa Roll
Now let us see how to make Carrot Roll Halwa.


Carrot Halwa Roll Preparation

1. For the pancake, prepare a batter with the ingredients listed and rest for 10 minutes.

Gajar Halwa Roll

2. Using a non-stick pan, prepare medium thickness pancakes, cook on both sides, and remove. Cool the pancake.

Gajar Halwa Roll

3. When the pancake cools down, stuff the pancake with the cooled halwa, roll and slice.

Gajar Halwa Roll

Serve chilled.

Gajar Halwa Roll

Carrot Halwa Notes

  • You can add khoya or 1 tablespoon of paneer along with sugar to the carrot halwa. Khoya will give richer taste.
  • You can also add pistachios or almonds instead of cashew nuts.
  • Grating the carrot takes some time. To reduce the time, you can use food processor instead.
  • Adjust the sugar quantity according to your taste.
  • Saute the grated carrots well before adding the milk. The raw taste of the carrot should completely go off if not the halwa will taste raw.
  • You can also add raisins along with cashew nuts.
  • You can also decorate with silver warq.
  • You can also add a pinch of edible camphor.

Gajar Halwa Roll

Carrot Halwa Pancake Notes

  • Do not make thin pancakes as it will break while folding.
  • The pancake hardens or cracks as time passes by.

Gajar Halwa Roll

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