Fruit Kesari Recipe | Fruit Kesari

Fruit Kesari

I love Kesari so much be it Rava Kesari, Pineapple Kesari or Fruit Kesari. My mom makes Rava Kesari often at home. I have tasted Fruit Kesari in some of our family weddings. I wanted to try this Fruit Kesari since long time. When my mom was here with me, I thought I’ll make it for her as a surprise. I had all the ingredients required for making this Kesari.

My friend’s mom makes this Fruit Kesari so well. It just melts in the mouth when you eat it. I called my friend and got the recipe from her. I tried it out, and it came out very well. You would taste the flavor of the fruits not just the taste of one fruit. It is quite simple and easy to make and I promise you’ll love the taste of it. Without any delay, lets go for the recipe…

Preparation Time. 20 minutes
Cook Time. 20 minutes
Recipe Cuisine. Indian
Recipe Category. Sweets
Serves. 5


Rava (Semolina,Sooji) – 1 cup
Apple (chopped finely) – 1/2 cup
Pineapple (chopped finely) – 1/2 cup
Banana (chopped finely) – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 1.5 to 2 cups
Cashew nuts (chopped) – 15 nos.
Ghee – 1/4 cup
Oil – 1/4 cup
Vanilla/pineapple essence or cardamom powder – a drop (optional)
Food color – a pinch
Water – 2.5 cups
Salt – a pinch

Note. The ingredients shown will vary with the original quantity.


1. Chop the fruits (banana, pineapple, and apple) finely. In a heavy non stick pan, heat Ghee and oil. Then add the chopped fruits.

2. Fry the fruits until they become soft (pineapple should be soft otherwise it will be crunchy when you eat it) and then keep it aside. In the same pan, add cashew nuts and raisins and stir until the raisins bloat. The cashew nuts need not change color.

3. Transfer the cashew nuts and raisins to a plate and keep them aside. Again in the same pan, dry roast rava until its raw smell goes away. The color of the rava need not change. Then transfer the rava to a plate. Add water in the same pan and bring it to a boil.

4. Add the roasted rava and mix well. Lower the flame. While stirring, rava might spill out. Add salt and stir well. Close the lid and cook until rava consistency becomes thick. Now add sugar.

5. Stir well until the rava mixture becomes watery. Now add food color and cardamom powder. Stir well until the rava mixture combines well and form a thick mass. The rava mixture should be able to leave its sides when you give a quick stir.

6. Add the fruits and give a quick stir. Then add the fried cashew nuts and raisins. Finally give a quick stir and switch off the flame.

Now, Fruit Kesari is ready!


1. You can use a variety of fruits like jackfruit, mangoes, grapes, pears, pomegranate etc. You can also combine any two fruits and make this kesari.
2. I added cardamom powder instead of essence, as I did not have essence at home.
3. Add only sunflower oil. Do not add any other oil like ground nut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, or gingelly oil etc. Your kesari might get the taste of the oil. If you do not have sunflower oil at home,then you can add vanaspati instead.
4. Add oil and Ghee for this kesari. If you add just the Ghee, then your kesari might turn hard later.
5. Add sugar only if the rava is cooked.
6. Fry the fruits until the pineapple become soft otherwise when you eat it, it will be crunchy.

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