Jackfruit Seeds Subzi(Palaa Kottai)

Palaa Kottai Subzi

Jackfruit Seeds Subzi(Palaa Kottai)

A very tasty and tempting subzi!

When I was young, I used to collect the jackfruit seeds and go upstairs without anyone’s knowledge. I would light up the fire using match sticks, papers, sticks etc. and literally live in a stone-age period for few moments just to boil these seeds and have it. I am a big fan of jackfruit seeds. I can never say I am done. How much ever you give, I will have…

Its been several years since I tasted these jackfruit seeds as I do not get it here. After 6 and a half years, I had jackfruit seeds in my hand. I had very few say only 8-9 seeds. I did not know whether I should make kuzhambu, kootu, or subzi. Finally, I decided to make subzi. Now, here I am, sharing the tempting and mouth-watering Jackfruit Subzi here. If you have not tasted jackfruit seeds subzi before, it is not too late, try it now….I am sure you will love it.


Boiled jackfruit seeds – 1 cup (Remove the hard white skin and cut each seed into 2 or 3 pieces)

Chopped onion – 1 no.

Chopped tomato – 1 no.

Sambar powder – 1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Mustard seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

Urad dal – 1/2 teaspoon

Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

Asafoetida – a pinch

Curry leaves – 5 to 6 nos.

Oil – 1 tablespoon

Salt – as desired


1. In a pan, heat oil. Add mustard seeds and when it splutters, add Urad dal. Wait until Urad dal turns golden brown then add asafoetida, and cumin seeds. Fry for a minute.

2. Add onions and curry leaves. Once the onions turn golden brown, add tomatoes. Fry well until tomatoes turn mushy.

3. Add jackfruit seeds, sambar powder, turmeric powder, and salt. Mix well. Fry for three minutes and then sim the fire. Finally, fry for two more minutes.

Now, the Jackfruit Seeds Subzi is ready!!!

Serve: Sambar, Rasam, and Kootu etc.

I am sending this recipe to

Gayathri’s WTML event hosted by Hema.

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