Kara Pidi Kozhukattai | Upma Kozhukattai

Kara Pidi Kozhukattai

With Vinayaga Chaturthi around the corner, I posted Vella Pidi Kozhukattai few days back. I made Kara Pidi Kozhukattai and Vella Pidi Kozhukattai on the same day. Both the dishes came out very well. On the day of Vinayaga Chaturthi, I know how busy we would be with our chores.

If you have a list of recipes to make on your to-do list, I would suggest you complete making the difficult ones first. Both the Vella Pidi Kozhukattaiand Kara Pidi Kozhukattai are very easy to make. You can make these in 1/2 hour. Hope you all like both the versions of kozhukattai.


Preparation Time. 5 minutes
Cook Time. 7 minutes
Recipe Cuisine. South Indian
Recipe Category. Snack
Serves. 15 nos.



Rice flour – 1 cup
Water – 2 cups
Shredded Coconut – 3 tablespoon
Coriander Leaves (chopped) – 2 tablespoon
Oil – 2 teaspoons
Salt – as required

To Temper

Mustard Seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
Urad Dal – 1 teaspoon
Channa Dal – 1 teaspoon
Asafoetida – a pinch
Dry Red Chilli (broken) – 2 nos.
Oil – 1 tablespoon

Note. The ingredients shown will vary with the original quantity.


1. In a non stick pan, heat oil. Add mustard seeds and when it splutters, add urad dal, channa dal, dry red chillies, and asafoetida.  Once the dals turn light brown, add water and salt. Bring it to boil.

2. Reduce to medium low flame. Now add the rice flour and stir well. Then add two teaspoons of oil. Stir well once again. If you think the mixture is still dry, add two teaspoons of hot water and combine well to avoid forming lumps.

3. The rice will absorb all the water and will become thick and solid. Make sure the rice is fully cooked. At this stage, add grated coconut and coriander leaves. Give a quick stir. Switch off the flame and transfer it to a plate.

4. Grease your hands with little oil. When the mixture is still warm, take a portion of the rice mixture and make balls. You can either make balls or cylindrical dumplings. If you are making cylindrical dumplings, then take a portion of the rice mixture in your palm.

5.  Roll them into cylindrical dumplings and press it using your fingers to leave impressions. Do this for the remaining mixture.

6.  Arrange them in an idly plate. Add required quantity of water to your idly cooker and place the cylindrical dumplings inside. Close the lid and steam for 8 to 10 minutes.

Now Kara Pidi Kozhukattai is ready! Serve hot with Coriander Coconut Chutney, Hotel Style Coconut Chutney and Tomato Mint Chutney – No Coconut.


1. Make kozhukattai when the rice mixture is still warm if not the kozhukattai will turn hard.
2. The flame should be medium-low when you add the rice flour if not the rice will not be cooked properly.


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