Paruppu Thuvaiyal

Paruppu Thuvaiyal

Paruppu Thuvaiyal

A Very Simple and Healthy Thuvaiyal!


Toor Dal – 1/2 Cup

Garlic pods – 2

Red Chillies – 2 (As Desired)

Asafoetida – a Pinch

Coconut – 1tbsp (Optional)

Ghee or Oil – 1tsp



Paruppu Thuvaiyal



1. Heat Ghee or oil in a pan. Put asafoetida, followed by Toor Dal and red chillies. Fry until Toor Dal becomes golden brown. Cool it down.

2. Now, grind the dal mixture along with coconut, garlic, and salt without adding water for the first grind. Then, add 1/4 glass of water and grind it to a coarse paste.

Now, Paruppu Thuvaiyal is ready!

Serve. Rasam and rice with a dash of Ghee.


Do not add Ghee or oil more than required to increase the flavor. It would be difficult to grind.

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